Social Media Optimization (SMO) also known as the Social Media Marketing is a process of branding and promoting websites on the social media sites like the Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest etc. It aims at popularizing websites, blogs, or contents by increasing their visibility and connecting them to the prospective customers. Espina, one of the most talked about company providing the SMO services. Our skilled team analyzes your business and employs the most relevant social media site and categories to promote persons, places, events, properties, organizations, information, web pages etc in a customized manner.
Our personalize strategies enhances the brand awareness, promotes sales and flacks the organization through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google+, Flicker, Fotolog etc. A proper usage of the strategies generates authentic leads. Research is the most important step here. Our experts analyze your requirements and make proper planning to give you the best results.
If we talk about the young generation, they spend more time and rely more on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and others. Therefore, it is easier to promote any new information in these social networking sites. It enables an easy promotion to the mass almost within no time and increases the credibility of the business. Noteworthy fact is that it creates a good impression towards to the search engines which focus more on branding these days. Espina has years of experience in online marketing, and provides business solutions, SMO and SMM services to clients from all over the world.

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Social Media Optimization is an integral aspect of branding of any organization or website which leads to a prolonged presence in the online world. Espina offers this service to meet your needs and build your brand.