Mobile apps and mobility solutions are taking the companies to next level. Apps are a part of marketing and branding strategy globally. We deliver the next generation apps to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

Mobile apps have become an integral part of branding and marketing for every business, small, medium or large. A mobile app today, is not merely an additional sales channel, but it attracts more customers, showcase your products and services, apart from setting a great brand recall.

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Ask a fish what’s water. Ask a citizen what’s life without a mobile… huh?

Suddenly life gets a darker shade of black. Well seriously, we’re skilled to help brands master the mobile tools that contribute towards our app-Inness. We’ve been devising mobile strategy, building sites and creating app ever since our founding days. So whether you are looking to give your mobile app a fresh new look; looking to build a specific mobile app for your business; or looking to build a m-shop – give us a shout. Our mobile consultants can bring in the right strategy and UX along with cutting-edge design and tech skills so set you bounding, across the iOS and android mob sphere. Dive into some of our mobile work.

Mobile App Usage Stats 2015

According to a leading mobile analytics firm, mobile app usage continued to see significant growth year on year, with overall mobile app usage up by 72.5%. Top mobile app categories including shopping, utilities & productivity and messaging mobile apps also saw more than 300% growth. With 51% of time spent on mobile devices in comparison to 42% on desktops / laptops by end users in United States, global companies are partnering top app development companies to develop mobile application, which keeps them ahead of curve.